EFiC Inc’s services range from Financial Consulting, Financial Education to Personal Development.

  •  Financial Consultingservice1

The Financial Consulting services at EFiC Inc are divided into two groups: Risk Management Consulting and Investment and Funding. In Risk Management Consulting, the company provides services such as risk analysis of investment portfolios, assessment of risk management policies and procedures, risk management technology and system upgrades as well as Basel Accord implementation. In Investment and Funding service, the company helps institutional investors and high net-worth individuals search and identify suitable investment opportunities and facilitate the full investment process.

  • Financial Educationservice2

EFiC Inc provides training for Chinese financial institutions and hosts visiting delegations.  Through collaboration with Canadian financial institutions and universities, the company is capable of providing a full range of training services helping the Chinese financial institutions benefit fully from the state of the art Canadian financial management knowhow.


  • Personal Development

EFiC Inc is dedicated to the development of young talents. service3Through direct coaching and
other services, the company helps talented individuals complete their university education successfully, acquire industry-demand skills, transition smoothly into the financial industry and excel in their career. EFiC Inc collaborates with educational bodies in the US, Canada and China to introduce a full North American high school curriculum into China, helping Chinese high school students to better prepare for their university studies in North America. The high school curriculum introduced utilizes the cutting edge learning management system (LMS) to provide advanced multi-media interactive learning environments to maximize the students’ learning effectiveness and their chance of entering well recognized North American universities.